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  1. To provide information  and advice  regarding  industrial training and exposure programs.
  2. To provide information  and advice  regarding  employability programs  and relevant statistics.
  3. To provide  information  and advice  regarding  consultancy procedures and relevant  statistics.
  4. To provide information and advice  regarding  MoU, LoU, LoI  and  MoA  procedures and relevant  statistics.
  5. To coordinate  industrial training and exposure  programs to student and staff.
  6. To implement employability programs  to  students and UniMAP fresh  graduates.
  7. To monitor  and process consultancy activities and approval.
  8. To help the implementation of MoU, LoU, LoI  and  MoA .
  9. To  provide external students  for  Industrial Training   in UniMAP departments according to  the available resources.