1) How long is the training industry in UniMAP?

For engineering students and entrepreneurship engineering, industrial training period was set out for 12 weeks. practical for international business students were set for 8 weeks. Please refer to the guidelines for industrial training or academic calendar.

2) Can students completed training industry for more than a specified period.

No.students are required to follow the academic calendar set by the University.

3) Can make industrial training in a company there are to do with field of study?

The student should consult with the Coordinator of industrial training (InTra) School and the CIGC in choosing the site. Approval of the selection of this practical areas subject to the agreement coordinators in School as well as CIC.

4)What is the criteria of the assessment Exercise industry (InTra)?

The assessment criteria are based on marks – marks the assessment of each component follows visits, host company evaluation, logbook and report


1)What is the difference between MoU and MoA?

MOU-Memorandum of understanding with respect to a statement of understanding and the intention of the parties to cooperate with each other in specific areas without creating a legal relationship with them.The parties are not bound to any bonds, dependents or liabilities in legislation

MOA-Memorandum of agreement refers to a condition in which the parties agree to establish a legal relationship among them and based on the consideration of one or several undertakings made by the parties. The parties are bound by the responsibilities, obligations and liabilities that have been mutually agreed. MOA aiming to implement cooperation-cooperation which has been expressed through the MoUand the parties agree to comply with all the provisions stated in the MoA and also agree to bind themselves in terms of their respective legislation.


1) Do the criteria for students to join the program Job Camp?

-CGPA – Determination by the Industries involved.

-Interview session – applicants must pass the interviews carried out by the industry concerned.