Industrial Networking Unit (MoU/ MoA/ LoI)

Industrial Networking Unit is coupled ads with community outreach scope. This unit's responsibility is to establish new networking and sustain the available networks. This indirectly propels UniMAPs visibility to the outside world and its relevance. In line with this MoU's, MoA's, LoI's and others relevnt agreement in relation with networking are  coordinated. The other functioning arm have be community outreach, where by its role in engaging and faculty community works and activity which is in tandem with the University's mission.

Letter of Intent (LOI)
Initial desire or intention statement of the parties to collaborate. It do not bound any parties in term of law and remain as desire or intention.
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
A statement of understanding and intention of the parties in the transaction to collaborate with each other without creating any legislation relationship between themselves.  All parties are not bound with bonds, collateral or liabilities legislation.
Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
Agreement occur when the parties in the transaction agree to create legislation relationship  between themselves and based on the respond of one or several deal offer by one party and accepted by other party. The parties are bound by the responsibilities, obligations and liabilities agreed and have legal implication.