Graduate Employability Unit

Graduate Employability Unit

Graduate employability (GE) unit was established as a direction from MOE, in line to address the mushrooming employability concerns. This unit engages with students whom do not have the required qualities and skills sets of the working environment. Therefore GE Unit must work with the MOE, companies and training providers in order to supplement the employability deficiency with short courses injection. In recent developments CIGC has taken interest to directly engage with the employees from Multi National Companies (MNCs), SMEs and GLCs accordingly to cater their tailored requirements.



The objective of the Graduate Employability Unit is to enhance the employability of graduates of Universiti Malaysia Perlis.



This program is an ongoing program in which it acts as a one-stop career centre that connects students with the industry. The Vice-Chancellor of UniMAP, Brig. General Datuk Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin Hussin said that the centre is placed at a focal point of the campus that allows immediate information transmission and insemination. The centre will also offer a variety of activities such Industry Engagements, Networking Session, Career and Sharing Talks with future employers in order to help students to make better decisions regarding their careers. “Ind-E-Zone will provide opportunities for employers to be close to the students and thus enabling them to play a more active role in matching students’ potentials with the professional field that they may pursue in the future”. He also stated that, TalentCorp is targeting a total of 11 Ind-E-Zone centres, placed in several Malaysia public universities, which will be fully operated starting the end of January 2015.



Short-term programs designed to help our graduates find employment. Through a special program called Apprentice program, Graduated Employability unit has worked with several industries ranging from Manufacturing, Electrical & Electronics (E & E), Palm Oil, Oil & Gas (O & G) and management. A special fund provided by the Ministry of Education is dedicated to graduates who obtained a CGPA of 3.0 and below.



The list of activities is as follows:













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