Industrial Training Unit

This unit is the responsibility of assisting Centre for Industrial and Governmental Collaboration (CIGC) in relationship with the industry in various aspects. This unit is a lot of exercise programs and other activities oriented world of production and the actual engineering applications. All programs and activities are part of the course and the core activities of engineering graduates are able to enhance the competitiveness of the university in the areas of design, processing and production of various products based on engineering.

Among the programs offered to students as Industry Exposure (IndEx), Entrepreneurship Industry (IndEnt) and Industrial Training (InTra). Schedule of programs will be publicized to students from time to time.


  • Expose students to the environment and the type of jobs offered by the industries/organizations.
  • Provide opportunities for students to apply the theory learned in lectures during the training industry.
  • Provide opportunities for students to acquire technical skills in industry.
  • Develop attitudes of cooperation and encourage interaction between students,workers in industry and society.
  • Train student to write an appropriate report and systematic.





IndEx program is a short program which provides industrial  exposure to the students Year 1 UniMAP

 IndEnt program is a short program that exposes students entrepreneurial Year 2 UniMAP.

Leadership Workshop Industrial Training (Intra) held to expose students to new organizations claiming various skills during their industrial training soon.

Industrial Training (InTra) at Universiti Malaysia Perlis is one of the compulsory courses occupied









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Pn Siti Nur Idayu Binti Alias

Assistant Registrar (Industrial Training Unit ) 

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