Consultation Units

Consultancy activity is a gauge on how the community perceives and benchmarks the University’s expertise and resources. This unit initiates and facilitates consultancy with the new and existing industrial networks. The consultancy activity data will show the relevance and importance of University’s consultancy to the community out there, which comprises of all manufacturing’s service industries.


Staff Training & Industry


Academic Staff enhancement program (Staff Internship) is a program of the University’s academic staff training in selected industries. The purpose of the program is to give exposure to the academic staff, so that teaching and learning activities are planned and implemented will be more effective in UniMAP.


Industry Talk

The University’s Industry talk is organized by the Centre for Industrial Cooperation with the University’s Learning Centers. The target of this activity is to the University’s students according to Academic centers and
relevant academic staff. This talk is also open to interested students from other institutions of learning and aims to expose student’s exposure on industries in Malaysia.








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