Administrative Unit & ICT

Administrative Unit responsible in planning, run, manage, monitor and implement policies related to all

administrative aspect CIC. Among function and major role Administrative unit was as follows:


- Manage general administration office.

- Planning, oversee and stabilize management system in CIC.

- Act as project leader in CIC.

- Manage matters about declaration property staff and departmental administration.

- Announce all circular and circular service which related with university governance.

- Act as secretariat for Meeting CIC.

- Monitor implementation of activities units according to SOP.

- Improves by management system CIC CQI.

- Manage and monitor course / event / training organised by in and out for staff CIC.

- Help provide proposal working paper and implement academic programmes CIC.

- Update statistic final year students which obtains job offer.

- Monitor presence staff and performance report in CIC.




Any Problems or questions please contact :-

Pn. Nurul Akhmar Binti Abdul Hamid

Information Technology Officer   (Administrative Unit )

04 - 988 5731

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