Objectives & Functions


--> To introduce UniMAP to industries.

--> To create, implement and execute various industrial activities for staff and students.

 --> To accentuate industrial and public recognition toward academic programs and UniMAP's high standard 

       of quality by promoting close participation in its academic program with industries.

 --> To encourage the cooperation such as consultancy, training, technical services and research involving 



CIC offers various training courses which involve students with industries from the first year until the third year in IndEx, IndEnt, and InTra, respectively. While in their final year design project with the involvement of experts from industries.

These programs are designed to produce professional engineers who are skillful in both engineering and management areas, as a result of experiences that will be gained from the industry training. The aims of CIC programs includes :

 --> To acquire engineering skills, organizational knowledge, interpersonal communication, and management 

       inrelation tp practical engineering areas.

 --> To stablish good relationship with the industries and create opportunities for more cooperation.

 --> To train and provide industrial exposure for students in the mission of producing highly-skilled and 

       proficient engineers.

 --> To expose the student of latest technologies which are utilized in industries and expand this to the 

      academic staff through staff internship training programs.